Diary of High Stakes Sophomores: Urine Trouble

Pete Overzet and Pat Kerrane are sharing their experiences playing high stakes fantasy football in the FFPC Main Event with a weekly article. In this edition, they just want to crawl into the fetal position and cry. You’re probably familiar with the music site, Pitchfork. If not, they are well-known for covering new albums, largely in the independent music scene, with often winding, pretentious reviews. Here’s an example of the type of sentence you will often come across in a Pitchfork review:
Lambchop’s languid Southern stride seems particularly anachronistic in the digital age, with the bulk of the songs on the ornate and affecting Mr. M taking at least five minutes to reach their elliptical ends. This band’s arduous movement rewards persistence.
Ya, fun stuff. Anyway, they also accompany each review with a numerical score on a sliding scale from 0 (the worst) to 10 (a perfect score). These draw the most attention, even though they are arbitrary and generally reflect only the author’s opinion, not the entire site. In October of 2006, the band Jet released their second album, Shine On. Pitchfork gave it a score of 0.0, and instead of reviewing the album, simply embedded this video of a monkey peeing on itself:

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By Peter Overzet | @peteroverzet | Archive

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