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Diary of High Stakes Sophomores: A Polarizing Draft

Pete Overzet and Pat Kerrane are returning as grizzled sophomores to once again share their experience playing for $250,000 in the FFPC Main Event. In this edition, they go pick by pick through their controversial draft. We drafted our team at the FFPC Main Event last Saturday and quickly discovered that it was a polarizing draft after posting it on Twitter. We received rave reviews such as “gross rbs,” “your [sic] going to lose,” and my personal favorite: Despite most of Twitter not liking it, we still felt really good about the draft heading into Sunday, although as you will see, we didn’t get off to the hottest start. But whatever, we are used to digging ourselves out of a hole. Anyway, here’s a round-by-round breakdown of our draft. Hit us up with a “yuck” in the comments when you’re done.

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By Peter Overzet | @peteroverzet | Archive