Dear RotoViz – A Week 3 Fantasy Football Mailbag

Tell a man how to set his lineup, and he’ll win a week. Teach a man to leverage the full might of the RotoViz apps and expertise, and he’ll crush his league.  Last week, we told you not to drop and David Johnson just yet while also helping a fellow RotoViz’er pivot away from his RB-heavy roster to a more Zero RB look. This week we’ll dive into a difficult decision involving Dez, and we ask the only that actually matters in fantasy football this week – what about Kenny Britt?

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By Cort Smith | @cortnall | Archive

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  1. Jeff says:

    OK, so maybe I made a mistake...or not. Need some help. 0.5 PPR league starting QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex with 8 bench spots. Dropped Britt for Kearse and then J Matthews for Higgins last night. Have Dalton and Luck (can keep for next year) at QB. Gronk and Fleener at TE. RBs Gordon, Forte, Powell, West, Foreman, Kamara. WRs now Evans, Diggs, M Jones, Kearse, Higgins. Questions: hang on to Dalton or pick up Kizer, Goff, Flacco, Bortles? Pick up Burkhead, Sims, Smallwood for Powell or Forte vs stand pat at RB? Reverse course and pick up Britt again and drop ?who?

  2. I think dropping a productive WR like JMatt for an unproven player on a bad offense (Higgins) was a little hasty.

    Your QB situation dictates that you should probably start streaming that position. Dalton may turn it around, but he is not a must-start, so he can be dropped in favour of streaming options (assuming this is a 10- or 12-man league). Is Seimian available?

    Powell is certainly can be dropped at RB. He had fewer touches than a 6th-round rookie on Sunday. I like Burkhead as the highest-ceiling option there.

  3. Jose M says:

    Thank you for the response, appreciate it!

  4. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the insight, Cort! Best QBs available in our 12-team league were listed. 24 QBs are rostered right now, so free agents thin at that spot. I was all-in on Dalton at draft time via RotoViz projections and I figured Luck would offer some late-season upside. Not sure that was the best plan, though I am 2-0 despite the QB mess.

    I see your point and I certainly didn't feel great about dropping Matthews, but recent articles point to him as WR#2 in Buffalo offense...from Stealing Signals yesterday, "[he] has the team’s fourth Weighted Opportunity Rating (WOPR) and it’s Zay Jones who is dominating Air Yards with a 0.43 MS Air. This is a low-volume offense where production can be tough to come by, and McCoy is clearly the focal point. Matthews and Jones should be expected to have some solid games as the season wears on, but will be hard to rely on." Not saying that Higgins is in a high-volume passing offense, but in the same article he was labeled as a "strong add." Maybe I just needed a little more patience.

    I was leaning towards the Burkhead-for-Powell move, but didn't pull the trigger. Maybe I should.

  5. Love the article. Throwing a couple a questions into the Slack chat seems to be a great source of content, and helpful for those of us "on the outside."

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