Best Ball Leaderboard Week 1

Dave Caban and I are partnering on a concept to help understand the true value of players as it relates to achievements in Best Ball using a newer concept of Dave’s called Fantasy Utility and combining it with the Heat Maps that I wrote about this offseason. The idea is to further shed light on the overall picture of value that players are bringing to Best Ball leagues as the season goes along every week. While points per game – like I used in my Heat Maps – are valuable, there’s utility in owning players that routinely finish as starters at their positions. As we all know, a couple of huge games can inflate a player’s average. For this reason, Dave came up with Fantasy Utility to evaluate the percentage of weeks that a player finished, for example, as a top-12, top-24, or top-36 wide receiver. This gives a better snapshot of how what kind of asset a player really was, rather than just looking at points per game alone. By taking this idea a step further, we can distill it into a simple metric that provides a quick way of determining the usefulness of a fantasy player over a given time period.

The metric is calculated as follows:

[(PPG/25) + (% weeks in positional top 12) +( % weeks in positional top 24 x 0.5)] / 2.5

The result is then multiplied by 100 in order to give us a metric in which 100 would represent the highest achievable score.

Note that a player can score higher than 100 if he were to have a PPG greater than 25. This would be more likely when evaluating a single season. However, no player averaged more than 25 PPG between 2014 and 2016. A denominator of 2.5 is employed by the formula, as this represents the ‘optimal’ addition within the numerator, which would give us a maxed out formula of:

[(25/25 PPG) + (1.0) + (1.0*0.5)] / 2.5 = 1

For wide receivers, he extends the formula to include top-36 finishes with a weight equivalent to one quarter of a top-12 finish.

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By Tod Burros | @TodfromPA | Archive