When The Devy Breaks: Bryce Love Emerging

I’ve been a vocal proponent of Lamar Jackson – not just as the most electric athlete we’ve seen in college football in years, but also as a future NFL quarterback. But I must admit, his performance against Clemson is difficult to defend, even for me. Jackson was rendered ineffective, both through the air and as a runner, which has always been his fall back when times get tough. It would be easy to close the book on Jackson’s future, right here and now, as I’m sure some have done. I’m not there yet. His struggles against Clemson, to me, are more easily explained by the fact that Louisville was outclassed at nearly every position across the board. This game should be seen as one data point in a larger body of work that will be evaluated at season’s end. So with that rambling defense out of the way, let’s transition back to what we saw in last weekend’s action, and what to watch for in the upcoming college football slate.

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By Jordan Hoover | @jhoover9787 | Archive

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