Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Advice – 2017 Introduction

The 2017 fantasy football season is (almost) here. As we head into the final week of the preseason, we need to make sure we’re ready for the regular season grind. The most important part of in-season roster management is working the waiver wire. This season, I’ll be sharing our advice. Here’s what to expect.

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By Charles Kleinheksel | @Spidr2ybanana | Archive

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  1. I'm in a ten team redraft league where Quizz Rodgers and Sims are both sitting on WW. Quizz is appealing to me only for short term just until Martin's return. Aside from keeper David Johnson, my RB draft was horrible(Woodhead, Mcfadden, Duke Johnson) So Sims or Rodgers kind of look appealing for bench spot and to add to line up in a pinch... or not to roster at all.

  2. glad to hear that you'll be doing this!

    One thing that I do but haven't seen outlined anywhere else is that I often allocate an end of bench spot to cycle through free agents as the games progress throughout the schedule each week. Assuming each player locks at their game start I can conceivably use one roster spot to take a shot at up to 5 players in any given week... or 6 in weeks that there is a game in London or the first week with MNF double header. This usually lasts for the first 5-6 weeks and then the spot gets tied up with a "hit", but inevitably I make a 2-for-1 trade to open up a spot or an injury hits etc.

    When I am available I'll post my take and plan for doing this here each week with a few targets for each time slot to help with the execution of the strategy if others are interested.

    I know not everyone drafts the end of their roster with the idea of churning for high upside "hits" but it fits incredibly well with zero RB, Robust RB or really any roster construction with 10+ team leagues. It's not something I'd expect great results on with leagues that have very few total starters though, because you're really taking long shots each week hoping to spend less on FAAB next week.

    One more note: this assumes you can do free and unlimited pickups or $0 bids because churning this type of volume is likely too costly otherwise.

    I know this is short explanation typed out on my iPhone, but I think it's enough to demonstrate the basics.

  3. Appreciate the feedback. Amendola likely a goner. Debating between prosise and Burkhead.

  4. CK says:

    i'd keep prosise, but i think you're on the right track either way.

  5. Would you roster Gio over Prosise?

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