Stealing Signals: The Preview

Each Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be using RotoViz tools to dig for the most interesting and relevant nuggets about every team in the NFL.

The Concept

As part of the wealth of in-season content RotoViz will be bringing you, our subscribers, every week, I’ll be writing a pair of weekly articles discussing every team in the NFL.

So what specifically will I be writing about? Well, I’m not exactly sure.

I’ll tell what it won’t be – it won’t be a knockoff of our good friend Rich Hribar’s Worksheet, because ain’t nobody got time for that kind of structure and consistency. It also won’t be like John Solis’s Freedman Report (which is back as well!), because I’m not matching that wit and delivery.

What you’ll get instead is, as Shawn Siegele put it when pitching me the idea a couple weeks back:

“A crazy, rambling, clearly RotoViz-centric piece.”

Sounds fun!

“Something with the apps, and this beautiful, ridiculous enthusiasm for all these disparate pieces.”

I’ll never cease to be amazed how eloquent and enjoyable to read he is, even when I have no idea what he’s saying.

“How can we do this big, bold, almost trainwreck, but not trainwreck at all, kind of stats article.”

If anyone knows what I’m supposed to be writing about, please drop a line in the comments.

“Almost like The Leftovers, but for fantasy stats.”

Anybody watch The Leftovers?

A Couple Specifics

Okay, I’m being a bit facetious. We do have some things figured out.

  • The articles will be split by conference, because structure and length.
  • The focus will be on jamming in the most actionable information I can find, and saying nothing if I have none. Noise is the enemy in fantasy football analysis.
  • That the exact direction is a bit undefined is a feature, not a bug of underdevelopment. The articles will grow organically, both because of what’s relevant and because of the feedback I get from you. To that end, if I ever miss your comments on the message board, please don’t hesitate to ping me on Twitter @YardsPerGretch.

It’s going to be a blast, and I look forward to both writing for and interacting with you about every team, every week, all year long. If you’re jonesing for some team-specific ideas now, check out my current divisional previews series. They’re a good example of the type of analysis you’ll see from me in this space.

A Few Other Programming Notes

Lastly, a couple more in-season notes. As part of a partnership with our friends at Fantasy Labs, my Deconstructing the Vegas Lines series will appear as free content on their pages every Friday.

Additionally, my new podcast Yards Per Gretch will still be active in-season, but it won’t be a weekly thing. The RotoViz Radio channel is chock full of great weekly podcasts you should be checking out. Mine will pop up every now and then with compact, highly-actionable episodes.

By Ben Gretch | @YardsPerGretch | Archive

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