RB Countdown: No. 32 Darren Sproles

What can you expect from Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles in 2017? At RotoViz, our motto is Seeing is believing. Our team leverages various internal apps and external resources to make that motto come to fruition. This series will provide you a fantasy outlook on our top-40 RBs according to projected points in PPR formats. My intent is to provide you a line of sight on the pros, cons, and projections for these RBs to empower you to make educated decisions on draft day. Sproles finished as the RB24 in PPR formats last season. He was given 146 touches, produced 865 total yards, and scored four touchdowns. Sproles has totaled 800 or more yards and scored four touchdowns five times during his career. Last season marked the sixth time he has had at least 50 catches. Sproles ranked No. 16 in receiving DYAR or Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement among RBs, according to Football Outsiders.1 He played 511 snaps in 2016, which translated to 45 percent of the Eagles offensive snaps. He touched the football or was targeted on 32 percent of them. Sproles has been very consistent since arriving in Philadelphia heading into the 2014 season. sproles screener This chart illustrates perfectly what production you will receive having Sproles on your fantasy football team. He is 34 years old, but can Sproles continue to be successful in the role of the Eagles receiving back? What effect will LeGarrette Blount have on his outlook? Can the development of quarterback Carson Wentz have a positive impact on his outlook in 2017? I will address these questions and more while discussing the pros and cons of Sproles’ role as part of the Eagles RB by committee.
  1. DYAR means an RB with more total value, as opposed to efficiency.  (back)

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