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PGA Analysis for the Northern Trust: On The Daily Podcast

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Matt Dulcan (@beardedDFS) is a 2016 Fantasy Golf World Championship finalist. In this special PGA edition of On the Daily, he and John Gambill (@gamblinjohnny) discuss strategy, key statistics, the course, weather, and the player pool on DraftKings for the Northern Trust. For $4 at Rotoviz.com/PGA you get full access to everything you need to profit on DraftKings this week. That includes includes John’s model and three articles by Matt:

  1. Course breakdown/key statistics
  2. DraftKings picks
  3. Chalk pivots


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If you’re a listener of the show who isn’t subscribing yet to RotoViz, you can get a special 30% discount through the podcast homepage, RotoViz.com/podcast.

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