Martavis Bryant Returns: The Full Fantasy Implications

A few short days ago, an NFL spokesman indicated that Martavis Bryant had not met the league’s requirements to be fully reinstated from his suspension. Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced that Martavis Bryant is indeed back.
Martavis Bryant has been informed by the NFL that he is now permitted to participate in all preseason activities, including practices and games. He will continue to be evaluated as to his readiness to participate in regular-season activities under the terms of his conditional reinstatement.
Although the second sentence is ominously worded, I feel comfortable in stating that Bryant will play in the regular season. Roger Goodell has very publicly flipped from his original position regarding marijuana use in the NFL.1
  1. Those articles are slightly over three months apart.  (back)

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By Hasan Rahim | @hrr5010 | Archive

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