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Irrational Exuberance: The 16 Most Overvalued Players

We asked 25 RotoViz staff writers to identify one player whom they feel is being over-drafted, whom they believe will underperform in 2017.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, RotoViz writers were most skeptical of running backs. Ten of the eighteen players identified were running backs. Derek Carr was the only quarterback listed.  Despite the general distrust in running backs, the number one most over-valued player was actually a wide receiver.

The Also-Rans

With one vote each, these players are (dis-)honorable mentions.
Devonta Freeman is a guy I have mostly avoided at his ADP and will completely avoid in seasonal. Last year I owned him and Coleman on a season-long team and it was a nightmare picking which back might go off each week. – Tod Burros

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