Draft Strategy

Here’s Who I’m Buying In Auctions

Over the past two weeks I’ve participated in six auctions, all triple-digit buy-ins. These are not mocks; I will play out each of these rosters. When given the chance to buy any player for 2017, these are the players I just can’t get enough of. These are all full PPR, $200 budget auctions. Some require three starting WRs with a flex, some require two, so there are some slight starting lineup variations. Otherwise, there are very standard league settings. One more difference is six-point passing TDs. I didn’t come into these auctions with an intention for my rosters to overlap significantly, but I certainly left the auction having achieved that. There are just some players I can’t understand the cost on, and have ranked so substantially higher from their price, that it’s hard to let them go in any situation. So I haven’t been. I’ve basically just been buying my guys. Here they are, from left to right chronologically with an August 17th auction starting at far left and one I wrapped up last night at far right.

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By Ben Gretch | @YardsPerGretch | Archive