Trends That Changed the Game in 2016 Are About to Change It Again

Did you know that for four consecutive years, NFL teams have averaged the fewest rush attempts in league history? How about that for four consecutive years, the league-wide completion percentage has been higher than ever before? Or that NFL teams run plays out of the shotgun formation over 50 percent more than five years ago? The league is changing. If you’re not incorporating those changes into your fantasy football preparation, you’re missing a huge opportunity to differentiate yourself.

A Passing League

“In this way, [predictive analytics] is a completely different animal from forecasting. Forecasting makes aggregate predictions on a macroscopic level. How will the economy fare? Which presidential candidate will win more votes in Ohio? Whereas forecasting estimates the total number of ice cream cones to be purchased next month in Nebraska, [predictive analytics] tells you which individual Nebraskans are most likely to be seen with cone in hand.”

– Predictive Analytics, by Eric Siegel

We’ve reached the time of year when the discourse centers around player-specific analysis. Whether you’re a fan of the continued advancement of predictive analytics in fantasy football or still rely solely on tape, the distinction between analyzing the micro (player) level and macro (league) level is an important one to make.

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By Ben Gretch | @YardsPerGretch | Archive