From Underdog to Superpower: The Extreme Fake Punt in Dynasty

In dynasty fantasy football, strength begets success, and success begets strength. If you’re better than your league mates, you’re likely to have a good startup draft. Then you can exploit your advantage by improving your already strong team through trades with weaker, needier opponents. The cycle continues until you hit a string of bad luck or your league mates improve. That’s one of my favorite features of the game — except when I’m the weakest owner in the league.  I recently joined a dynasty startup where I am completely outgunned. See if you recognize any of these names: Jonathan Bales, Graham Barfield, Denny Carter, Ben Gretch, Matt Harmon, Rich Hribar, Ryan McDowell, Shawn Siegele, Evan Silva, Pat Thorman, and JJ Zachariason. More than half of these guys make a living playing and writing about fantasy football, and most of the others probably could if they wanted to. So it’s not false humility when I say I’m out of my depth here. What’s your best fantasy football strategy when playing with folks like this? Embrace variance.

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By Brian Malone | @BrianMaloneFF | Archive

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