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DraftKings Cash Game Plays 2017 Primer

Over the course of the season, this article will identify the best bang for your buck when it comes to cash game plays on DraftKings.

I developed a method for finding quality cash game plays by determining which players “check the most boxes” relative to what we are looking for in a cash game lineup. This method is similar to the one used in PGA DFS, in which we attempt to find golfers whose stats match up well with the key stats for a certain course. I’ve used this method of finding cash game plays in previous years on other DFS sites, however, I’m thrilled to be bringing it to RotoViz for 2017.  Let’s take a quick look at a few of the criteria that I’ll be using.

Daily Fantasy Football Cash Game Strategy


  • Vegas Lines – One of the most important elements of daily fantasy football is identifying which teams are projected to score the most points by oddsmakers. Obviously, we want teams with high implied point totals for our cash games.
  • Game Script – Related to Vegas lines is projected game script. The lines in Vegas can paint a picture of how a team may call plays throughout a contest. For instance, we will look to target running backs that are favored (the bigger the spread the better), because there is a good chance they’ll receive a clock-draining workload as the second half comes to a close. Conversely, underdog wide receivers tend to get a target bump when they are playing from behind in the second half and a team is forced to throw more frequently.
  • Pace of Play/Play Calling Ratio – Generally, we like to target up-tempo teams that run a lot of plays, especially when they are facing a team that does the same. In addition, we’ll look at play calling tendencies, specifically in the red zone to determine which position group may have a better opportunity at scoring touchdowns.


  • Home/Favorite – Quarterbacks that are home favorites tend to score the most fantasy points.
  • Matchup – This one seems obvious, but it’s especially important for quarterbacks who need to be efficient and turnover free. Drives resulting in touchdowns are crucial for QBs as they don’t benefit from the point-per-reception scoring system.
  • Red Zone Efficiency – In addition to a high total and favorable matchup, we want our quarterback to be stellar in the red zone, preferably with a play-caller whose tendencies lean towards the pass.

Running Back

  • Market Share – We’ll give preference to running backs that own a large market share of their team’s carries and red zone carries.
  • Pass-Catchers – The PPR scoring on DraftKings gives an added boost to an RB that has the ability to rack up receptions.
  • Offensive Line – We’ll take a look at a Football Outsiders metric called stuffed percentage, which highlights which RBs offensive lines are getting a push at the line of scrimmage.

Wide Receiver and Tight End

  • Target Market Share – Rostering players that own a high percentage of their team’s targets goes a long way towards raising the projected floor of your cash game team.
  • Cornerback Matchup – There will be times throughout the season when a receiver will be facing a team that has a notoriously bad cornerback. We will look to exploit these types of matchups when we feel a certain receiver will see a lot of that particular CB.

These are just a few of the boxes we will attempt to check this season as we identify the best cash game plays on DraftKings. Come back every Friday during the season for specific DraftKings cash game lineup advice.

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