3 Big Name Wide Receivers to Avoid in 2017

It may be that there have never been better conditions to load up at wide receiver and employ a Zero RB strategy. All the same, here are three WRs I won’t have any part of in 2017.

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By Cort Smith | @cortnall | Archive

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  1. Jason says:

    Might need someone to talk me off the Martavis ledge here. He's scored 20.5 PPR PPG at home in 2015 (on pace for 328 points, easily the WR1). He also averages 20 PPR PPG in the 12 games in which he's received at least 6 targets. This prorates out to 96 targets on the season which I think is firmly in his range. Again, this split easily equates out to WR1 overall in 2016.

    Especially in best ball, the possibility of landing Martavis as my third WR is too great to pass up. He's going to win you at least 2-3 weeks with massive games.

  2. Martavis has scored more than 25 points twice in his 2 years in the league. Nothing to sneeze at but also not what most are envisioning with him. Edelman, Diggs, and Snead all have equally as many of these games.

  3. Jason says:

    He's gone over 20 points 6 times in his 21 game career though (28.5%).

  4. Even so, you're focusing on one factor of many.

    Are you not concerned that he still hasn't been reinstated?

    Are you not concerned that, historically, players suspended for drugs reasons almost never come back to be relevant?

    Are you not concerned that he is the third option behind two fantasy studs?

    These are all risks. As Boxster mentioned, a guy like Diggs has just as much upside and much less risk - and is cheaper.

  5. Jason says:

    I'm definitely drafting Diggs over Martavis, but I'm certain formats like .5 PPR or standard with 100+ yard or big play bonuses, Martavis is very tantalizing to me. I agree with the drug thing but are you fading Bell then for that same reason? Doug Martin?

    There's no question at all Martavis is extremely risky. But, he's also extremely high reward on a week to week basis and that could be huge as a zero RB lineup will typically insulate his bad weeks with other premium WRs on your roster. If I have AJG, Cooper, Diggs already on my roster for example - I'm willing to swing for the fences week to week with Martavis rather than pick a consistent but lower upside guy like Landry, etc.

    Just a thought - I very well may be too high on Martavis and it'll be better to go for safer guys in his range.

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