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Top 15 Zero RB Candidates for 2017: The Update

In 2015, the Zero RB target list included Devonta Freeman and Doug Martin. Martin went off the board at RB17 but finished as RB4. Freeman was selected outside the first 100 picks at RB29 but finished as the overall RB1. The 2016 list featured Melvin Gordon, my top breakout candidate and highest-owned player. Who are we targeting in 2017? Welcome to the update! Readers of the original top 15 have already profited on Rex Burkhead, Jamaal Charles, Alvin Kamara, and Kareem Hunt.1 In this update, we take a look at all 15 players together, and I discuss how to play each situation. For a deep dive, make sure to check out the original rankings. For those just getting into Zero RB, make sure to peruse these excellent 2017 articles that lay out the evidence-based foundation for the strategy.
By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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  1. I actually went with the 2 te strategy in my league @FantasyNerd

    gronk and Reed. Was drafting late in 12 team ppr.. Looking for upside

  2. Abe says:

    Great read. Love me some Marlon Mack. He's available on the wire. What percentage of fab do you suggest bidding on him? It's a PPR league and we have 100 Fab Dollars.

  3. Oh man....I drafted last night before I had read this. Ended up with the 1st overall pick, 10 team ppr. Grabbed David Johnson, then went WR the rest of the way.

    Imagine my surprise, upon finishing the draft, and reading this article...I managed to grab Riddick, Duke, Henry & Coleman. Hell ya.

  4. @mateoloco If you get Thielen, I would probably prefer to drop White, but it's fairly close there as holding White through Week 1 would probably give you more information about him (than holding Prosise will give you about him). I like that trade proposal.

    @dkpsports I like Kamara better, but I think Burkhead has even more upside. Kamara is almost certainly going to catch enough passes to be RB3 viable and RB2 by mid-season. Burkhead could end up as a true RB1, although the most likely scenario is RB3 value that is very frustrating week to week.

    @khflight137 Thanks, and I would drop Jamaal Williams and Prosise, although I could see getting rid of Tyrell if you're incredibly deep at WR.

  5. I'll be the contrarian's contrarian here, but I totally think Charcandrick is rosterable, say in leagues deep enough that you would've had Jonathan Williams rostered. He's a true stash (an RB6 or so), but I mentioned him as a target this week in my trades column:


    He's in a backfield of two, and he has proven for two years in a row that he can have big games in this offense when given the chance. He put up 28.8 fantasy points in Wk 17 last year when Ware was out. Two years ago he had a three game stretch of 412 yards, 4 touchdowns. He's probably more of a fantasy player than real life player, but his speed is real. If his 21 yd TD was the first TD instead of the last TD, it would've put him much more on people's radar, but he played 1/3 of the snaps and ran more routes (10 to 9) than Hunt in the first half.

    He doesn't really have the potential to lead the committee, but he has very good potential to get spot starts this year. If that's useful for your team... I like the guys on your bench, but teams with guys like Zenner, Ivory/Yeldon, Morris, Jamaal Williams, Booker/Henderson, Conner, Buck Allen, I think West is a fine replacement.

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