Why Buy Isaiah Crowell When This RB is Cheaper?

Why buy a car for $20,000 when you can buy the same car with a crappy paint job for half the price? That, in a crude nutshell, is one way of looking at arbitrage, a concept the Fantasy Douche first applied to fantasy football several years ago. The 2017 draft season brings no shortage of opportunities to purchase players who have a host of things working for them – whether it be situation, talent, or some other factor, for a far lesser price than a similar player. This time I investigate the question – why draft Isaiah Crowell when an RB set to score at a similar pace is so much cheaper in 2017?


That’s what I’m prepared to do on Crowell. Not only did I eschew him in our Fantasy Face-Off Series in favor of Lamar Miller, 1 but I’m also passing on Crowell in the third round outright. I’m aware this could come back to bite me, but I just can’t pass on the WR talent that’s falling to the third round, right about the spot that Crowell is being drafted. Instead, I’m pairing up my Keenan Allen or Demaryius Thomas third-round pick with this fifth-round RB.
  1. Charlie Kleinheksel made the case for Crowell.  (back)

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By Cort Smith | @cortnall | Archive

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