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Fantasy Football Points Projections for 2017

The RotoViz writers have been grinding hard this offseason, not only with many great articles, but also behind the scenes with our internal staff projection machine. We’ve completed our first pass at our fantasy football points projections for 2017. Each team has at least 15 individual projections averaged together in a wisdom of the crowd approach. The projection machine combines all sorts of metrics. It includes:
  • Team level stats (average margin, pass tendency, pace).
  • Player rate stats (TD rates, catch rate, sack rate, etc.).
  • Player efficiency stats (yards per carry, yards per target, etc.).
  • Player volume stats (market share).
This way all of the stats add up. For example, if Sam Bradford is projected to throw 18.56 TDs, all the receivers on Minnesota sum up to 18.56 touchdowns. Similarly, if Aaron Rodgers is projected to throw 620.11 times, there will be 620.11 combined targets among his receivers. Projecting this way is also a great way to put our assumptions to the test. Multiple writers have changed their minds about certain players after projecting that player’s team. Each writer does this for as many teams as he can while still spending the time it takes to do a quality, full-team projection. Then we average those projections and our 2017 fantasy football points projections are born! Below are fantasy football points projections for PPR, half-PPR, and standard leagues. I’ve also added the raw data if you want to calculate projections for other scoring formats. We will update our fantasy football points projections as news breaks. We’re also working on displaying them in a new RotoViz projections app in the near future. So without further ado, here are our RotoViz Staff fantasy football points projections for 2017.

2017 RotoViz Staff Fantasy Football Points Projections

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