Dynasty Market Trends: Maximizing Trade Value

This article is the second in four-part Dynasty Market Trends series where I use two RotoViz Apps, The Dynasty ADP App, and the RotoViz Screener, to examine the dynasty trade market since 2008. In this article I’ll look at changes in dynasty trade value across positions based on player age and NFL experience. For a primer on how I’m measuring trade value (and why I’m using it instead of ADP), check out the first Dynasty Market Trends article. If you think it’s pointless to talk about trade value without talking about production, don’t worry, I’ll cover production in depth in the next edition of Dynasty Market Trends. And in the conclusion of the series, I’ll cover the intersection of production and trade value. For now though, let’s examine how trade value changes over the years. In Dynasty Market Trends: Historical Trade Value by Position, I covered trade value from the perspective of doing a fresh startup every year. But what happens to a player’s value after an NFL season1 has passed since you drafted or traded for him? Essentially, this analysis will show us the best way to have played dynasty over the last decade if your only objective was to assemble the most team value.

Trade Value Over Time

  1. Or several seasons.  (back)

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