Dynasty Buy Low: Andy Dalton

There are many reasons for optimism for the upcoming Andy Dalton fantasy season. Surrounded by some of the best weapons in the game, the Cincinnati Bengals are in line to be much improved in 2017.  His current situation represents a unique buy low opportunity in dynasty leagues. Dalton’s recent performance over the past few seasons has shown significant growth, while his dynasty stock remains at a depressed cost. Coming off an outlier fantasy season for the ages, savvy owners should be trading for Dalton now before he bounces back with a strong fantasy season.

The new and improved Andy Dalton

Through the first few years of his career, Dalton earned the stigma of being a boom-or-bust fantasy quarterback. Everybody remembers that Thursday night, Week 10 game in 2014 versus the Browns where he had a QB Rating of 2.0.1 Even in his overall QB 3 season in 2013, Dalton had more games outside of the top-12 than in. But over the past two seasons, Dalton has been a vastly different QB.
  1. Since Dalton entered the league, only Peyton Manning’s four-interception game that eventually led to his benching, a QB rating of 0.0, was worse. *Minimum 20 attempts  (back)

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By Justin Woodruff | @WoodJustRuff | Archive