Derrick Henry and The Case of the Overpriced Handcuff

Bad football players don’t tend to win the Heisman TrophyDerrick Henry managed to do this during his time at Alabama. He is a very talented young running back and is itching to become a fantasy superstar. But this is not going to happen in 2017, so I cannot understand why MFL10 drafters are taking him so high. Sometimes good players don’t get thrust into the starting lineup straight away and are all the better for the waiting in the long term. Just ask Aaron Rodgers. The same could be true of Henry, especially if Mike Mularkey remains in charge of the Titans beyond the 2017 season, given the coaches commitment to “exotic smashmouth.”1 But we here at RotoViz are projecting that the 2017 season will not be one in which Henry is able to reward the faith that best ball drafters have in him. Henry is currently the 29th RB going off the boards, ahead of players with a much clearer path to fantasy relevance. No one can explain to me why this is happening; therefore, it is my job to explain why it shouldn’t be.
  1. Blimey, you’re moaning again…I KNOW Mularkey never actually said he wanted to run exotic smashmouth, but don’t let the truth ruin my narrative.  (back)

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By Neil Dutton | @ndutton13 | Archive

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