Can you Win a Superflex League with One QB?

Is starting a running back or wide receiver instead of a second quarterback in a Superflex league a viable option? League scoring certainly plays a factor, but what’s your initial thought? No, right? Me too. It’s a question worth exploring. Rather than mindlessly selecting and starting a second QB, we should look at the numbers to see our true options in the Superflex slot. There are a million ways to count fantasy football points. For this article, I am using the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) scoring system. It is PPR with four-point passing touchdowns, a fairly common Superflex scoring option. It also gives tight ends a boost with 1.5 PPR. To get a decent sample size, I averaged the last three seasons (from 2014-2016) for QB, RB, WR, and TE to see how they would have faired as Superflex options.

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By Justin Speer | @JustinDSpeer | Archive