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2016 MFL10 Tight End Performance Heatmap

As I have done with other positions, I’ve heat-mapped the tight end position. Doing these charts has given me a great snapshot of each position and has helped me to challenge my thoughts on how I build my MFL10 rosters. No skill position has as much volatility as the TE position. Drafting TEs therefore can be a make or break part of our rosters. The position is also more susceptible to injury than any position short of running back.  These factors, and the fact that there seems to be less written on the position than RB, wide receiver, and quarterback, makes for a unique opportunity for lineup differentiation.

In a recent article on the subject, RotoDoc showed how a two TE1 strategy is a viable way to tackle MFL10s

I believe my chart could be used to strengthen that assumption.  This was one way I have attacked MFL10s, but I do think there are other important things to consider.

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By Tod Burros | @TodfromPA | Archive

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