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The Four Biggest Recent Jumps in MFL10 ADP – June 18th, 2017

Yes, dear friends, it is that time once again. Time for us to look back over the last four weeks of data to focus on players that have become more popular in My Fantasy League MFL10s. This time, we are looking at the period May 20th to June 17th.

The voluntary stage of the offseason workouts are over, and I use voluntary strictly in its dictatorial sense. The next time the players of the NFL assemble it will be for training camp. The moves MFL10 owners make now are likely to be crucial as we head ever closer to the start of the 2017 NFL season.



Quincy Enunwa has enjoyed a somewhat unique experience in recent weeks, in that he has not been able to get on the field for minicamp, yet his MFL10 appeal has increased. Despite a neck injury, he is currently being selected as WR56 in best ball. There were reports in early May that Enunwa could be the Jets primary wide receiver this season, but after the Jets informed Eric Decker on June 6th that his days with the team were over Enunwa experienced a huge bout of popularity. His rise is somewhat similar to that experienced by me when I announce that I’m going to the bar and that I’m paying. Enunwa’s value is still somewhat capped by the fact that he will be relying on one of Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg or Bryce Petty getting him the ball, but from a volume standpoint, he could well offer his MFL10 owners a WR3 ceiling. Here’s eight more reasons to get aboard the Enunwa Express.



It’s a well known and universally accepted fact that, when it comes to running backs, Bill Belichick hates your fantasy team. And yours. And yours. And mine. Just when you think it is safe to get behind Rex Burkhead as a viable fantasy option, the team signs Mike Gilislee. Belichick hates your fantasy team nearly as much as he hates drafting WRs, and that’s a whole load of hate. Despite the uncertainty in the Patriots backfield, it does appear that James White is nailed in to the pass-catching role. Certainly, MFL10 owners think so, as evinced by how early he has been selected over the last month. White had 60 receptions in the 2016 season, and of course famously snared 14 passes in the Super Bowl. When one contrasts his 3.8 receptions per game to the 2.4 rushing attempts he managed last season, he offers serious PPR value, which of course plays right into the hands of MFL10 owners. He’s the 43rd RB going off the boards in best ball. If the Patriots are as ruthless when it comes to passing this season as they’ve been in recent years, he could certainly threaten RB2 airspace.



It’s not exactly a huge rise, but it is noticeable that Julius Thomas has begun to attract some more MFL10 love at the very time that his offensive coordinator has begun to wax lyrical about him. Clyde Christensen first floated the idea that Thomas could add 10-12 touchdowns to the Dolphins back in early May. Not content with this, backup QB Matt Moore also chimed in that Thomas was going to be a big part of the offense moving forward. Christensen then returned from pumping up Jay Ajayi and Davante Parker to repeat his double-digit score hopes for Thomas. The Dolphins have made a cottage industry out of winning the preseason ever since Dan Marino retired. In Christensen, they have a mouthpiece fully committed to delivering such a prize. Aside from a magical 2013 campaign that saw him snare 65 catches for 788 yards and 12 scores, Thomas has been a touchdown-dependent player. The Dolphins offense has a lot of options when it comes to passing the ball, and lest we forget, they are also committed to running the ball a lot. Thomas is currently going as the TE16 in MFL10 drafts, which is 11 spots higher than Antonio Gates. I know which player I would rather have, especially if I’m drafting in a format in which occasional big weeks can make all the difference.


kenny g

Now there is no need to overreact, and certainly very few reasons to crack open the champagne and order in the caviar with regards to the current ADP of Lions WR Kenny Golladay. He is only a third-round rookie and is only going off the board as WR81 in MFL10 drafts. But this ignores the fact that I love the ground this guy walks on and have been a huge believer ever since I wrote up his draft potential for RotoViz back in March. It may not seem an unbiased source, but it is noticeable that the Lions own website reported on May 31st that #TheMoment1 had been impressing in OTAs, with Tim Twentyman noting that he had:

yet to see a ball hit the ground when thrown Golladay’s way through two open OTA practices

ESPN followed suit on June 5th, reporting that Golladay had been a standout when the media were able to watch. Golladay has a favorable situation, given the absence of Anquan Boldin on the Lions roster, the team’s love of three-WR sets and an overeagerness to throw the ball. But even I have to acknowledge that expectations should be tempered for rookie WRs. That said, if you offer me Golladay at WR81, I’ll snap your hand off.

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