Dynasty Orphan Journal: Everyone’s For Sale

In last week’s installment, I talked about the roster I inherited when I took over an orphaned dynasty football team. I explained how and why I wanted to restructure the roster, and outlined a mindset of aggressively seeking opportunity via trading. Let’s see how my trade offers panned out. You may recall that I sent around 50 trade offers in the first month of joining the league. That’s about one offer per week per team. In that context, it’s a less overwhelming number, and it turned out to be a fruitful exercise. I’ve consummated six trades, which we’ll review in a moment. First, some background. This is an Apex Fantasy Football Money League, and one of the unique elements to their format is that trades must have a balanced number of players on each side. So there are no kitchen-sink-full-of-marginal-guys-for-your-stud offers that everybody hates.1 This is a unique rule, but it’s one I’ve learned to appreciate. I’ve found it to be a trading catalyst since there’s a basic template that everyone follows. Draft picks are not subject to that rule, but only current and next-year picks can be traded. Alright, time for the big reveal.
  1. Even though you can’t do a straight two-for-one trade, you can sort of do one, by including a currently worthless player on one side of the deal.  (back)

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By Charles Kleinheksel | @Spidr2ybanana | Archive