Taking a Look Under the Hood

Editor’s Note: John Lapinski won the 2017 RotoViz Writing Contest. His winning entry is here; the following version has been updated to reflect the NFL draft. If you’d like to write for RotoViz, we have a standing offer for new writers. RotoViz. A site where a secret cabal of fantasy gurus feed freshly harvested data into arcane algorithms to summon forth previously-unheard-of prospects from the darkest reaches of the football realm. At least that’s how I presume it works behind the curtain. Every week or so a new, indecipherable acronym shows up, and suddenly I find myself getting hyped for a prospect whom I had previously never heard of. And yet somehow, a player who as a 19-year-old sophomore was top three in the ACC in every rushing category, behind only some guy named Dalvin Cook, doesn’t have even so much as a blurb anywhere on the site, much less a full article. Until now. That player is Elijah Hood.

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By John Lapinski | @http://twitter.com/FF_SkiBall | Archive