6 Wild Trades From the Reality Sports Online Contract-League Draft

Reality Sports Online provides an auction format that replicates a lot of reality concepts in its innovative contract league. Rookies are added through a draft. Veteran contracts are determined by auction. Franchise tags are available. The salary cap is $167 million, just like in the real NFL. Our RotoViz league is even more complicated with 16 owners and 10 starting positions. You must balance high-end starters with enough bench strength to survive bye weeks and navigate roster spots without creating too much dead cap. The 2017 rookie draft transpired last weekend, and as is usually the case with rookie drafts, that led to a flurry of trade activity. Contract league trades are even more fun because owners have to juggle the financial ramifications as well as player values.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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