Yards Per Attempt and What It Means For 2017: AFC East and West

I first read about Yards Before Contact or “Vision Yards” in this article by Zero RB inventor Shawn Siegele. Shawn explained that while it’s useful to see which running backs had the best blocking, it also helps to identify which backs got more than what was blocked on average. We can’t say for sure, but by comparison, this is where we may be able to identify the better talent as far as vision and nuance is concerned. Scott Barrett of Pro Football Focus recently explored Yards Per Carry and posted a really cool list that Jeff Ratcliffe tweeted out for the best units in terms of YBC. RB Yards Per Attempt 2017 Using this we can tell who got the most help from their line and also who may have under performed. Let’s dig in and see if we can project how next season may shake out for each backfield in the AFC East and West.

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By Tim Talmadge | @FullOnTLT | Archive