Visualizing Market Share And Age: Josh Malone and the Tier 3 WR Prospects

Over the last several years, Jon Moore has done a tremendous job advancing our understanding of the intersection of age and market share receiving production. Today, I’ve enlisted Jim Kloet to help present these visualizations for the 2017 class. In this post, we’re focusing on Tier Three receiver prospects as reflected in the RotoViz Scouting Index. – Shawn Siegele

How important is market share and age?

In Part One, we talked about the large gaps in age-adjusted production between first-round busts and second-round hits. You’ll be surprised how much older and less productive those first-round misses were. In creating our Tier Three, we used the post-combine RotoViz Scouting Index. Check out this week’s edition for the latest updates in player movement.

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By Jim Kloet | @jimkloet | Archive