Structural Drafting in Dynasty Leagues

Where do our edges in fantasy football come from? Some believe a sustainable edge comes from player evaluation. Put another way, this is the theory that you can win by being better at picking the right players more often than your competitors. Others believe that the market can’t be beaten consistently, so you need to find your edges by exploiting the structure of the games we play. For those of you that can beat the market and are among the top five percent in evaluating NFL players and prospects, I encourage you to click away. This article is not for you. For the rest of us, read on to see how to get a sustainable edge in dynasty leagues by using a form of structural drafting.

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By Josh Hermsmeyer | @friscojosh | Archive

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  1. Not having rookie picks is not No Damn Fun if you win your dynasty league. I'm still basking in the glow of victory from a league where I have not had a 1st-round rookie pick since it formed in 2014 because I keep trading them off for productive vets. It's actually More Damn Fun to win a dynasty league The Wrong Way.

    Everyone else is agonizing about Davis/Williams or Fournette/Cook/McCaffrey/Mixon. I'm not at all worried about making the wrong choice since I already traded that pick for DeMarco and a 'chip. Oh, my 2nd-rounder? That's gone too, traded off for 3 weeks of RB production at the precise moment I needed it last year (thanks Quizz). Now I'm just trying to decide which insanely productive veteran I will target with my 2018 1st...but I'll probably wait until in-season to make that call.

    Every time I start feeling a little bit of rookie fever I just join another MFL10 and it goes away pretty quickly.

    I don't really buy green bananas though either. So there's that.

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