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Matthew Freedman Talks Star Wars: Numbers Game 99

Episode 99 (April 14, 2017): The ninety-ninth episode of The Numbers Game (@NumbersGamePod), a sports analytics RotoViz Radio podcast.

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Host: Matthew Freedman (@MattFtheOracle) – Editor-in-Chief for FantasyLabs and RotoViz podcast producer

Host: Josh Hermsmeyer (@friscojosh) – Contributor at RotoViz and inventor of WR Air Yards


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Matt and Josh begin by discussing the Star Wars franchise and debating the merits of Rogue One versus The Force Awakens. Next Matt gives an in-depth look at the creation of The Workhorse Score and how it should be interpreted. Josh and Matt discuss a number of players from Blair Andrew’s latest article using Workhorse Scores. Finally the hosts discuss whether coaches really have much influence over run-pass splits over the course of the season, if taking a running back in the first round of the NFL draft is wise, and if they think Leonard Fournette being taken at 1.01 or 1.02 is a smokescreen.


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