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MFL10 Optimization: Evolution of a Perfect Draft

What would an MFL10 draft look like if all twelve players knew exactly what they were doing? You may never have asked yourself that question, but I have spent more time thinking about roster construction than I care to admit, so I decided to find out how an “optimized” draft might play out. If you played fantasy football last year, the table below should look at least vaguely familiar.1 It shows the first two rounds of a twelve-team snake draft, with the picks in order of MFL10 average draft position (ADP). DraftGrid_2Rounds_2016Names Here is the same table without the names. DraftGrid_2Round_2016pos The full twenty-round version of this table is the starting point for our optimization. This article tracks the evolution of a draft’s rosters from extremely inefficient to near perfect.
  1. If you played fantasy football last year and you started your drafts like Team 4, Team 5 or Team 10, I’m sorry for your loss.  (back)

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By Mike Beers | @beerswater | Archive