DraftKings NASCAR Texas Picks, Sim Scores, Model Projections

After a huge weekend at Martinsville for me, including multiple GPP wins, I’m looking forward to the interesting challenges Texas will present. This weekend’s DraftKings NASCAR Texas projections focus heavily on the Sim Score projections. That’s because there are major changes to the Texas track, so we’ll need to rely on similar tracks for help. The tracks that stand out as the most similar are Charlotte from a few years ago when the track surface was newer, Kentucky from 2016 which also had a brand new surface and banking change, and Kansas from a few years ago shortly after it’s repave. They make up the bulk of the similar tracks, and then I combine drivers with similar stats to the present day driver along with how they did at those similar tracks to get a range of outcomes for each driver here at Texas. For a better primer on the Sim Scores, see the primer article. I’m going to continue to put my GPP picks and fades into risk tiers. I tend to have a riskier tolerance, and since I know that’s not for everyone, I’ll am providing a risk level with the GPP picks and fades. Also, the NASCAR DFS Multi-Lineup Optimizer is with the machine learning model projections. The NASCAR Splits App will help you find statistics for each driver’s history at similar tracks. Also be sure to check out this week’s episode of On the Daily DFS. Matt Freedman and I go into Texas strategy, and also about how to assess yourself as a DFS player. If you’re new to daily fantasy NASCAR, or simply need a refresher, check out the large oval section of my track types article. Brush up on your general GPP strategy and game theory if you want to have a shot at taking down first place. If you’re more of a cash game player, check out how to target high floor drivers. At Texas it’s necessary to find at least one race dominator for cash, and probably two to three for GPPs. Let’s get to the picks and projections for the DraftKings NASCAR Texas slate.

DraftKings NASCAR Texas Model Projections

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