2017 NFL Draft Reaction: Christian McCaffrey to the Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey was drafted No. 8 overall by the Carolina Panthers. He will immediately reinvigorate a bland Panthers offense and provide a pass-catching weapon out of the backfield for Cam Newton. Although Jonathan Stewart will likely retain a portion of the early down work, his time as a fantasy-relevant back is at an end. At the same time though, it’s impossible to overstate how much of a nightmare landing spot this is for McCaffrey. Last year Brian Malone examined the relationship between running quarterbacks and pass-catching RBs.
Only Pryor threw to RBs more than the league average, and that was for less than a full season. On the whole, running QBs threw to RBs less than 80 percent as often as all passers. And that’s just target percentage. Add in the fact that running QBs tend to throw fewer total passes, and you’re looking at some very bad news for any pass catching RB playing with a running QB.
We’ll get to more of that in a minute. But first, we take a comprehensive look at your new Carolina Panthers RB, Christian McCaffrey.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive