The 2017 WR Sweet 16: (2) Corey Davis vs (15) Josh Reynolds

The RotoViz Wide Receiver Prospect Sweet 16 Tournament matches the top incoming prospects in a head-to-head March Madness style format. Various RotoViz writers break down each match-up with the winner moving on to the next round.

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(16) Malachi Dupre vs (17) Ryan Switzer

(2) Corey Davis vs (15) Josh Reynolds

Corey Davis enters into 2017 draft process as one of the cleanest prospects in years. Many people projected him as the top WR had he come out in 2016. Davis’ 0.41 career market share of receiving yards is about as good as it gets. The one knock that some people have with Davis is the strength of schedule while playing at Western Michigan. Davis looks to be a favorite in this tournament.

Josh Reynolds posted solid numbers in his final season at Texas A & M. Battle tested in the tough SEC, Reynolds used his length to his advantage as deep threat to post 17 yards per reception for his career. As a 15th seed, Reynolds may be looking at an uphill battle to beat Davis. Will the offset in price be enough to sway some of the voters?


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Shawn Siegele – Corey Davis:  Davis is the easy pick, but Reynolds posted impressive final season numbers that elevated his career marks into the solid range.

Matthew Freedman – Corey Davis:  Josh Reynolds was an underrated college receiver, but right now he’s too skinny for the position, and at the combine he didn’t display enough athleticism for his size. There was nothing wrong with his agility or explosiveness, but I want a guy who weighs only 187 pounds to run 40 yards faster than 4.52 seconds. As for Corey Davis, we have no idea how athletic he is because his ankle injury will prevent him from working out prior to the draft — but he’s been productive for four years and is six feet three inches and 209 pounds. Given that, I sort of don’t care how athletic he is. He’s big enough and productive enough to be an NFL receiver.

Anthony Amico – Corey Davis:  Davis is the best WR in this draft class, and I’m not really sure how close it is. Reynolds is a potential third round player, but the discount still isn’t enough to balance out the difference in talent.

Matt Wispe – Corey Davis:  Even at the high cost, Davis is a the clear winner here after posting a final season 0.50 Dominator Rating.

Blair Andrews – Corey Davis:   I actually like Josh Reynolds quite a bit. His 0.40 final-season Dominator Rating ranks in the top 20, ahead of highly-touted prospects John Ross and Mike Williams. Unfortunately he draws the toughest match up in the bracket. Davis advances with ease.

Jordan Hoover – Corey Davis:  Josh Reynolds is somewhat intriguing as a later-round rookie pick but he simply pales in comparison to what Corey Davis has to offer.

Justin Winn – Corey Davis:  Reynolds actually has a lot more going for him than you’d expect given his WR15 status, but Corey Davis is a near flawless prospect.

Heith Krueger – Corey Davis:  Tough draw here for Reynolds as he possesses a fairly nice profile for a WR that can be had in the middle rounds of the draft, but Davis is in the discussion as the #1 overall fantasy rookie prospect in this class. Incredibly productive, highly athletic, and very few blemishes on his profile.

Scott Smith – Corey Davis:  Davis is the easy pick here and I am sure you will hear more on him as this bracket progresses. Reynolds isn’t chopped liver though, with solid final year numbers. Reynolds put up a solid showing at the Senior Bowl, showing off his length all week long in Mobile. The biggest knocks I have against Reynolds are his lack of weight and the fact that he put up sub-par numbers when it counted most against upper echelon SEC competition. Reynolds gets a bad draw in this first round match up.


Corey Davis advances in the match up unanimously, proving that he will be a tough out in the process. Davis checks most of the boxes in the RotoViz WR scouting process. While there is still some unknown with his athleticism due to injury, it’s not enough of a concern for a player like Josh Reynolds to beat him. Davis moves on easily to take on the winner of Curtis Samuel and Isaiah Ford.

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