The 2017 WR Sweet 16: (16) Malachi Dupre vs (17) Ryan Switzer

March Madness is back and so is the 2017 edition of the RotoViz Wide Receiver Prospect Sweet 16 Tourney. We take some of the top incoming WRs and put them through the brackets March Madness style. Various RotoViz writers will break down the matchups and give you the insight that goes into each selection. This exercise is meant to give readers multiple opinions and the thought processes that go into choosing a player in a head-to-head setting. The RotoViz writers were instructed to pick a winner for each matchup based upon the following criteria: 1. RotoViz metrics 2. Projected chance of future success 3. Cost to acquire player (Draft Price) 4. Personal preference Each staff member’s vote counts as one point. Each member will post a narrative justifying his or her pick. In the end the player with the most points advances to the next round. Here is a look at this year’s bracket: Screenshot (24) Here is a look back at the 2016 results.

(16) Malachi Dupre vs (17) Ryan Switzer

Just as we did last year, we have a play-in game to face the top-seeded Mike Williams. Malachi Dupre arrived at LSU with much fanfare as a top WR recruit coming out of high school. LSU’s struggles on offense may have severely hindered the development of Dupre, leading to the early jump to the NFL. Following in the footsteps of Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry may be a lot to ask and lofty goals to live up to. However, proponents of Dupre still believe he has a chance to live up to his talent. Ryan Switzer may not be the prototypical modern NFL WR, but he does have a specific role, operating in the slot. Switzer improved each of his years at Chapel Hill and had his best season this past year with Mitch Trubisky. Versatility is another calling card of the diminutive senior as Switzer also offers production in the return game. Will this be enough to move him past Dupre in the eyes of writers? Screenshot (26)

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By Scott Smith | @ScottSmith610 | Archive

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  1. Probably reading too much into it but I'm pretty shocked that Mike Williams is the #1 seed over Corey Davis at Rotoviz of all places.

  2. I have to imagine they used the rotoviz scouting index for seeding but I could be mistaken.

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