Freak Scores for the 2017 Wide Receivers

Freak Score is our scaled metric that uses height, weight, and speed to give an approximation of the TD-scoring potential for NFL prospects. The incomparable Calvin Johnson set the bar at 100. Julio Jones comes in at 84. You can use the Freak Score Calculator to explore results for your favorite prospect and find the historically similar players.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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  1. McG says:


    Really appreciate the article and the context you've given around the scores. I was curious about your statement about John Ross and that his 68 score is "an absurd Freak Score".

    I played around with the Freak Score App, and saw - using his ESPN ht/wt - that if he ran an even 4.0 in the 40, he "only" hits a 93 score.

    Is there a practical ceiling for smaller WRs in your mind that if they hit - say 75 - it's the equivalent of a larger WR hitting 100?

    Would be interesting in reading more about it, if you think it's worthwhile. Thanks.

  2. Thanks @McG, I appreciate that. It's fun to really get into these combine results.

    That's exactly right on the small WRs. They can't reach the top Freak Scores due to size, and it's even more important for them to be fast as a result. I wrote about speed as one of the elements for Will Fuller last year (a breakout candidate for 2017 if the QB is addressed) and the importance of speed for small WRs also pops in Kevin's work linked in this article. In Jim's work, he discusses some of the areas where small receivers post better numbers, and a speed receiver can add the big play threat as well.

    Unfortunately the first name is still Dorsett, which I warned about in the redshirt junior article, but there are some encouraging names on the list.

  3. If there were a RotoViz cover band--or garage band--The Rock Bottom Freak Scores would be a good name.

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