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Evaluating Prospects the RotoViz Way: Draft Preview Series Introduction, RotoViz Radio

March 7, 2017: RotoViz Radio: A Fantasy Football Podcast (@RotoVizRadio), introducing the 2017 RotoViz Radio NFL Draft Series.

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Co-Host: Shawn Siegele (@FF_Contrarian)
Co-Host: Ben Gretch (@YardsPerGretch)


Ben and Shawn introduce the 2017 RotoViz Radio NFL Draft Series project. In the introductory episode of the series, they discuss what the four-year history of RotoViz has taught us about prospect evaluation at each of the four main fantasy positions, focusing heavily on wide receiver and running back. Shawn gives his insight into how he evaluates those positions, what the metrics are that we use and why we use them, and how you can leverage that to better analyze the incoming class of rookies.


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