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Don’t Draft Deshaun: Numbers Game 95

Episode 95 (March 15, 2017): The ninety-fifth episode of The Numbers Game (@NumbersGamePod), a sports analytics RotoViz Radio podcast.

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Host: Nick Giffen (@RotoDoc) Editor at RotoViz, Top-Five NASCAR DFS player, and Math Ph.D

Host: Josh Hermsmeyer (@friscojosh) Contributor at RotoViz and inventor of Air Yards


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Josh begins the show with an exciting announcement about how to get all of his air yards data at Then Nick and Josh talk about the intriguing trade between the Cleveland Browns and the Houston Texans which sent Brock Osweiler to the Browns along with a 2017 sixth-round pick and a 2018 second-round pick, while all the Texans got in exchange was a 2017 fourth-round pick. Josh talks about why that’s good for the NFL, and Nick talks about how the Browns probably overpaid for Brock, by using the trade calculator. They then talk about Nick’s work modeling QB success. Nick has improved his model from last year and shares some preliminary results, including why you shouldn’t expect much from Deshaun Watson in the passing game as an NFL pro.


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