4 Ways Fantasy Football is Just Like Investing

Outside of fantasy football, my main hobby is investing. It feels like I spend an equally absurd amount of time reading about that subject as I do fantasy football. Then again, it’s hard to say for sure because it’s easy to lose track of which subject I’m actually reading about since, in most respects, investing and fantasy football are pretty much identical. For example….

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By Kevin Zatloukal | @kczat | Archive

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  1. PaulC says:

    This was very well done. It does seem that focusing on making asymmetric (in your favor) bets and being aware of/realistic about the range of outcomes are the most important parts of fantasy football, and investing.

  2. Strongly agree with @PaulC. I really enjoyed these pieces, Kevin.

  3. I was excited when I saw the title and it did not disappoint. This is awesome.

    I was reading "The Big Short" and in it Michael Burry, who made tons shorting subprime mortgage bonds said he typically preferred not shorting cause the lowest an asset can go is to zero. but if you buy low and "long"...the sky is the limit... would you extrapolate then that it's a little riskier to "sell high" than it is to "buy low" in fantasy ...( like how I desparately tried trading D-Hop after week 1's air yards piece )

    also, I wonder if Burry's thinking contradicts Mark's that paying too much is the biggest mistake.
    (super footnote, maybe Burry changed his tune after making like billions from shorting)

    anyway, please keep these coming. really cool

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