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Using Team WR Rankings to Identify Early MFL10 Targets

MFL10 season is underway! If you are one of the sick degenerates who could not bear the last month of detox from fantasy football, then you are probably chomping at the bit. For those of you in the “but how can you pick players if free agency has not even started yet” camp, then this article is to help you get started. There really is no surefire way to pick players this early in the offseason. While many writers will preach picking “safe” players, how many “safe” players are there really? Between coaching changes, free agency, the draft, and pre-season, there are so many moving parts to keep track of over the next seven months. The truth is, the only idea that is “safe” is that very little is actually safe. There could be as much as one quarter of the NFL teams with new starting QBs by Week 1; RB committees are, in most cases, very volatile, and who knows what injuries or draft picks could shake up a depth chart in an instant. The best we can do is try to use what information we do have to make better estimations than the others.

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By Jason Lewis | @jsl5016 | Archive

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