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MFL10 Roster Construction: What Worked in 2016?

In January, I took at look at the players with the best and worst win rates across 2016 MFL10 best-ball leagues. Here, the focus shifts to roster construction. Roster construction is defined by the number of players a team drafts at each position. With 20 picks and five positions to choose from, there are many ways to build your roster – over 300 unique “constructions” were used at least once last year. By looking at how various approaches fared, we can arrive at some general guidelines for how we might build our rosters in the future. The following will break down 2016 results by position before pulling it all together to look at the best-performing rosters overall. A theme throughout this article is that there is not one “right” answer to the roster construction question, but there may be some wrong answers.


In MFL10s, the starting lineup requires only one quarterback, one tight end, and one defense.  The results of this analysis led to similar conclusions regarding the most successful construction at each of these “onesie” positions.

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By Mike Beers | @beerswater | Archive