Leonard Fournette, Corey Davis, and the 2017 Draft Age Database

This is a database of birth dates for all skill position player prospects expected to be considered during the 2017 NFL Draft.  If you’re familiar with RotoViz, you realize we do things a little differently, because we are all insane. The way we approach the NFL draft, and prospect evaluation, is no exception. You won’t find nuanced, amateur film breakdown anywhere on our website. What you will find, are numbers. Lots and lots of numbers. One concept we are obsessed with is how numbers can predict the future (at least in a football sense). Through extended research, we realized that one number that is incredibly important for predicting NFL success is age: “Breakout Age” is a concept that combines age and “Dominator Rating,” which is the average of a player’s team market share of receiving touchdowns and yards.1 Age matters, and is also a key component of draft capital, with both wide receivers and running backs getting progressively older as the draft pick used on them gets lower. Below are the birth dates for every skill position prospect expected to be considered in this year’s draft. Note, “Final Age” means the age they were on 12/31 of their final college season (which in this case is 12/31/16). This is the age used for the Phenom Index metric. “Rookie Age” denotes their age on 12/31 of their rookie season in the NFL (which in this case is 12/31/17).
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