Is it Time to Scrap Zero RB?

Zero RB appears to be in trouble, and its creator saw it coming. Last August in an article about the 2016 Apex Expert’s League, Shawn Siegele wrote the following about the impending decline of Zero RB as the top fantasy drafting strategy:
We’re probably at peak Zero RB. One of the young studs at RB will likely have a great season and lead some of his owners to victory. Enthusiasm will die down, and many Zero RB drafters who do not experience success will return to their roots.
2016 provided just such an event, with both David Johnson and Zeke Elliott leading many of their owners to championships. The enthusiasm for Zero RB, even among some of its more ardent supporters, is waning. There is a crisis of confidence. Standing here now, in the ashes of a failed Zero RB season, is it still reasonable to think Zero RB is a dominant strategy? Or did 2016 provide us with evidence that should force us to update our prior beliefs? Should we go back to attacking the draft based on value? To answer these questions I had to take a hard look at the underlying assumptions of Zero RB. 1
  1. Most of this has been covered elsewhere by Shawn himself.  (back)

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By Josh Hermsmeyer | @friscojosh | Archive