Week 13 QB Streaming: Three to Target and One to Avoid

After two big weeks in a row, we’re looking to keep the hot streak going into the fantasy playoffs. Special thanks this week to Chip Kelly, who helped make Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Tannehill top-six QBs this week. I missed on Scott Tolzien, which feels even worse because Matt Barkley and Trevor Siemian each scored more than 20 fantasy points.1 Still, I can’t complain about these results:
StatusQBFanDuel PointsQB Rank
Option 1Colin Kaepernick34.11
Option 2Ryan Tannehill26.85
Option 3Scott Tolzien10.831
AvoidMatthew Stafford16.324
Indeed, we’re back up to streaming one QB1 and two QB2s on the season. And that’s based on points per game. Looking at total points, we’re doing far better.
StatusPoints per gameSeason-long PPG rank
Option 119.911
Option 217.918
Option 316.421
Week 13 looks like a classic streaming week, with some appetizing matchups for not-so-appetizing passers.
  1. As always, we use FanDuel scoring.  (back)

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By Brian Malone | @BrianMaloneFF | Archive