RB Watch List Week 11: Prepping for the Playoffs

Week 10 wasn’t particularly newsworthy at the RB position. David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott, and Le’Veon Bell once again carried their owners to victory. Todd Gurley again failed in that regard.

Looking Ahead to the Playoffs

I considered looking at “how to get to the playoffs,” but the opportunity to make moves wasn’t really there. The three best Week 11 to Week 13 schedules go to Kansas City, Arizona, and Pittsburgh. You might be able to make a play for Spencer Ware, but you definitely can’t get Johnson or Bell. Check out the Buy Low Machine if you have a specific week you need to attack. If we jump forward and focus on the playoffs, however, we might be able to take advantage of a few small inefficiencies and stash opportunities.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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  1. Dennis says:

    Thanks FFC, this is really awesome! and timely.

    in general, how do you determine how much emphasis to place on playoff matchup? For example, in one HPPR team, I have Gordon Ajayi, Latavius, and Gio. I plan to never use GIO. But would you consider trading say, Ajayi cuz of his rough 14-16? and if so for whom...
    surely u wouldnt prefer J hill or J Stewart?
    thx again!
    (side note, you have given me so much amazing advice from the dollar allocations on my auctions to draft strategy and avoiding Dhop, Snagging gordon, Evans, AJ, J Hill, Gore, Reed, Odell every where i could has me in 1st in a few leagues. youre awesome!

  2. Mychal says:

    I thought Hill was a buy even before Gio went down because of Cincy's great playoff schedule. Green's injury brings the Bengals offense as a whole down a few notches, but it's still Hill over Smallwood for me. The Eagles RB injuries doesn't look as bad as they initially seemed and they seem to like using all of them when available.

  3. I think @Mychal has it right. I prefer Hill to Stewart and Murray. With Stewart frequently losing goal line and Murray often losing high leverage touches to Richard, I think Hill's touch situation is better.

    I'm hopeful for Smallwood, but it sounded like Sproles might play through the ribs. When anyone sees updated info on Eagles situation, they might post it on here.

  4. @FF_Contrarian for ROS, How would you rank the following, my current RBs are T.Coleman, Booker, and Morris:

    Bibbs (Booker owner)
    Jalen Richard

  5. Mathews has a sprained MCL; Sproles has a broken rib; neither will practice Wednesday, per Rotoworld via Jeff McLane on Twitter.

    Considering shipping Marshall (no. 4 WR) for Smallwood in 1/2 ppr, R-R-W-W-W/R 12 team, but really just don't know enough yet for me to pull the trigger.

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