RB Watch List Week 11: Prepping for the Playoffs

Week 10 wasn’t particularly newsworthy at the RB position. David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott, and Le’Veon Bell once again carried their owners to victory. Todd Gurley again failed in that regard.

Looking Ahead to the Playoffs

I considered looking at “how to get to the playoffs,” but the opportunity to make moves wasn’t really there. The three best Week 11 to Week 13 schedules go to Kansas City, Arizona, and Pittsburgh. You might be able to make a play for Spencer Ware, but you definitely can’t get Johnson or Bell. Check out the Buy Low Machine if you have a specific week you need to attack. If we jump forward and focus on the playoffs, however, we might be able to take advantage of a few small inefficiencies and stash opportunities.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive