The Contrarian: My Top 50 Mid-Season Dynasty Rankings

Heading into Week 9, we’ve reached the point in a dynasty campaign where competitive teams try to grab pieces for the stretch run. Meanwhile, rebuilders attempt to stockpile picks and simultaneously improve their 2017 draft position. As I’ve been updating my rankings for personal trade discussions, I thought it would be valuable to share my current board and get the feedback of the RotoViz community. These are my rankings and not an attempt to reflect a consensus view.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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  1. Great article. Is there any chance we can see the next 50 some point soon? It's getting to the point where we want to start stashing high upside wr's, especially with most bye weeks over next week.

  2. JLaps says:

    I'm in a few very competitive FFPC dynasty leagues and it definitely feels good to see a lot of names from this list on my teams (One team in particular is sporting 8 out of the 50). Of course, maybe we're just both wrong, but at least we're wrong together!

    It’s also my contention that the age premium in dynasty accurately reflects player value. If anything, we overrate the value of high-scoring veterans in fragile situations even in redraft.7 We’ll examine this question from multiple vantages this offseason.

    Definitely looking forward to that. I know I've seen it suggested elsewhere here on Rotoviz that the age premium in dynasty is overrated, but I just didn't find the arguments overly convincing. While I understand it's difficult to predict a player's long-term future and that the current/subsequent years are always the easiest to predict, I feel like I've seen a few teams "going older" for the sake of winning and then just completely falling apart. The articles that suggested trading for older players seemed very focused on how it would help a team win with no regard for what that team would look like 2 years down the road.

  3. Thanks @bskoczylas. I'll try to expand the list soon (depending a little on whether there are other developments to cover after the games tomorrow).

  4. @FF_Contrarian question for ya whenever you get the chance. You have Hunter Henry higher than most. Who else do you love? I've been trying to acquire Henry everywhere in dynasty. Who else should I be looking to acquire? I remember when you wrote you top 50 wr's pieces and you had Boyd up there pretty high after his strong showing against the Steelers. Who do you like more than others that are not obvious guys (Crowder for example).

  5. I'm planning to get the next 50 out tomorrow or the next day. Davante Adams will be 51. We've always loved him and I was personally pretty stunned at how poorly he played last year, but now he looks healthy and awesome. I think we're still in the part of the season where folks use a lot of their preseason evaluation to construct a value, which makes him cheaper than he'll be in a month. (Even if he doesn't perform that well down the stretch, his value should rise when owners recalibrate during the offseason.)

    I do still really like Boyd. He was picked at the edge of the first round in most rookie drafts, so his owners probably don't want to give up too early and sell low, but many of them are probably regretting the decision. I could obviously be wrong, but I think there's going to be a small window here where you can get him inexpensively. (I really thought he scored a TD last week and that the call was wrong, but even something like that that doesn't really change who he is as a player does have a subtle effect on perception.)

    Tajae Sharpe, Devin Funchess, and Pharoh Cooper are all guys where the owner might be looking to get out, and I'm still looking to acquire.

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