The Contrarian: Mid-Season Dynasty Rankings: 51-100

Dynasty rankings are complicated by the very different objectives owners have this time of the year. This gets exaggerated when we move out of the elite range and are suddenly dealing with more extreme player types: young players with a wide range of outcomes, veterans on the decline, mid-career players who offer steady points but minimal marginal value. I strongly recommend writing a friendly response to every trade offer, including the ones you find borderline offensive. A trade proposal helps you understand which players on your roster are valued by specific fellow owners. In my own negotiations, I’m often surprised which proposals are accepted and which auto-rejected. Informed and engaged owners can have large differences in their personal rankings for completely legitimate reasons.1 
  1. In this week’s Dynasty Command Center, Curtis Patrick wrote about trading Will Fuller for Isaiah Crowell. Fuller is solidly in my Top 50, while Crowell doesn’t merit the Top 100, although he was one of the most difficult exclusions.  (back)

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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  1. @theSlex Reed made the Top 50 at No. 24. He looks pretty close to unstoppable. I hope the injuries you mentioned don't hold him back. They are scary.

    @bskoczylas Thanks, I really appreciate that.

    Rishard Matthews is an interesting case and had a huge game today. I think he gets squeezed by Sharpe and Walker, especially if they attempt to add a big time No. 1 next season to replace Kendall Wright, but a lot of RotoViz writers are very high on him (and I'd like to see him do well as a high market share guy who didn't get a chance for a long time because he went to a small school)..

    I have a dynasty team with Bryant and Blackmon, and I've also watched the travails of those with Josh Gordon and Daryl Washington (IDP). I just don't want any part of anybody who's already into the year suspension phase of the drug program. And I do think we'd be talking about Coates as a fine fill-in if he hadn't broken his fingers. That said, Martavis is awesome, and I am rooting for him. I hope he comes back successfully and picks up where he left off.

    I guess I'm less worried about Boyd than R. Matthews, in part because I think Dalton can support three guys and that Green and Eifert need a third guy who can act as the possession threat to relieve some of the pressure. But mostly because I still believe Boyd is a poor man's Keenan Allen. He was getting easy separation after Green's injury today, and we'll probably get to see what he can do if Green is out of the season. But I certainly understand your concern, if they become even more conservative as an offense in 2017, that will be a very bad sign for his value.

  2. Great articles, @FF_Contrarian your love of Stefon Diggs pushed me off the fence in acquiring him for a 2017 1st. I am trying to contend this year and Diggs was probably the final piece to legitimize my team.While I am frothing at the mouth thinking about the 2017 draft class, the prospects of a 7th -9th pick were outweighed by the gain of a starter for (I hope) years to come.

    Maybe this series signals a great time to update the Dynasty ADP app, @FantasyDouche smile Especially with stash season starting to heat up ... fire

  3. There are going to be some pretty exciting players in the late first of 2017, but Adams is the No. 12 overall WR at this point and is a 23-year-old playing with Aaron Rodgers. I think it's difficult to argue against that trade unless you think this season has been a fluke.

  4. The tough thing about that app is that it relies on dynasty drafts, which tend to happen only in a narrow range during the season. There are probably alternate ways to get at dynasty valuation, but I think we're sort of butting up against the limits of the value we can get from ADP. DLF runs their own mocks, which is maybe something we should consider....

  5. Jake B says:

    Any takes on Malcom Mitchell? Will the usage be there to justify him as a 2017 redraft target?

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