The Contrarian: Mid-Season Dynasty Rankings: 51-100

Dynasty rankings are complicated by the very different objectives owners have this time of the year. This gets exaggerated when we move out of the elite range and are suddenly dealing with more extreme player types: young players with a wide range of outcomes, veterans on the decline, mid-career players who offer steady points but minimal marginal value. I strongly recommend writing a friendly response to every trade offer, including the ones you find borderline offensive. A trade proposal helps you understand which players on your roster are valued by specific fellow owners. In my own negotiations, I’m often surprised which proposals are accepted and which auto-rejected. Informed and engaged owners can have large differences in their personal rankings for completely legitimate reasons.1 
  1. In this week’s Dynasty Command Center, Curtis Patrick wrote about trading Will Fuller for Isaiah Crowell. Fuller is solidly in my Top 50, while Crowell doesn’t merit the Top 100, although he was one of the most difficult exclusions.  (back)

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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