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Joe 2 Pro: Week 7 Recap and Week 8 Plays

First – throughout the season I post my bankroll at the beginning of every article so you can view my weekly progress. This year, my starting bankroll was $18,270.1 I do this as a way to show how your bankroll can go through some peaks and valleys throughout the season. Experienced players aren’t winning 100 percent of the time. We face losing weeks like everyone else. The important thing is to be profitable at the end of Week 17. You need to look at this as a marathon and not a sprint. Second – this article is simple. I primarily run down my entire cash game thought process for the week. I won’t list plays for the sake of listing them. If I know early in the week which guy I am starting at QB, he’s the only guy I’ll mention.


Due to life changes and time constraints, there’s going to be a change to the format of this column. I’m going to write up my whole player pool at each position. Then I will write up the one guy at each position I feel the most strongly about. Think of the first article as a rough draft. As news happens throughout the week, I’ll post an updated player pool on Friday.


Week 7 Recap

week-7 It took me two weeks, but I finally recovered from my Week 5 disaster and had my biggest week of the season. Notice, I didn’t play any more money to try and chase my losses. I stick to a strict bankroll plan. I’m typically playing around 15-t0-16 percent of my bankroll each week. Let’s try and continue this momentum!

Week 8 Plays

  1. I don’t do this as a way to brag, plenty of other people are playing with much more than I am.  (back)

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